EDI and Supply Chain Software Meet Via Partnership

posted on 1/24/2012 2:31:30 PM

SCM software provider HighJump inks an agreement that ties its TrueCommerce EDI unit to e-commerce technology from Dydacomp, in a tie-up that both companies hope will facilitate better supply chain management.

Ask any supply chain professional whether his or her supply chain management activities would suffer without EDI technology, and you’re likely to hear a resounding yes. Electronic data interchange (EDI) has been a key component of SCM software and supply chain operations for the better part of three decades.

Now, a new partnership between HighJump Software’s TrueCommerce EDI Solutions Group and Dydacomp aims to integrate EDI technology more fully with e-commerce. Manufacturers and online retailers who use Dydacomp’s Multichannel Order Manager software will now have access to TrueCommerce’s EDI platform to facilitate their transactions, the companies announced late last week.

Dydacomp customers who opt for the EDI capabilities will be able to access the Transaction Manager EDI translation software, which converts data from an ERP system into EDI format; data mapping tools that help sync the ERP software with a customer’s software; and the transaction network that sends and receives EDI transactions. They will also receive EDI support and maintenance, the companies said in a statement.

"With this new partnership,” said Fred Lizza, CEO of Dydacomp, “our clients can integrate a…complete EDI system with [multichannel order management].”

The multichannel order management software at the core of Dydacomp’s offering helps facilitate supply chain management through order importing, inventory management, order fulfillment, and automated order processing.