Nissan Chooses Microsoft for CRM

posted on 12/13/2011 1:47:16 PM

In a heavyweight deal that blends traditional CRM software selection and a focused partnership, the carmaker and software provider will collaborate to create a customized system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Car manufacturer Nissan Motor Co. announced this week that it will use Microsoft’s customer relationship management (CRM) software to manage its sales worldwide.

The partnership will see Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM system in use at Nissan dealer locations in Japan and other “strategic regions” around the globe, the companies said. The CRM purchase is no off-the-shelf buy, according to a joint statement. The two companies said they would engage in a strategic tie-up “to collaborate and create a next-generation dealer management system based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM.”

No doubt Nissan’s prominent status in the global car market and the close nature of the deal will earn its project team significant time with Microsoft’s development brain trust, as the two work to create a full-fledged solution described as a blend of CRM, dealer management software, and social collaboration tools.

“Nissan is seeking a solution that will help meet our business needs, especially to better understand our customers and dealers,” said Andy Palmer, Nissan executive vice president, in the statement. “This will enhance our sales and brand power as we enter a new growth phase under our midterm business plan.”

Underlying the bespoke CRM system will be Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform, an alternative to running the system in Nissan’s own data centers.

“Nissan also intends to explore how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Windows Azure can work together as a platform to deploy applications across the company’s global network and to standardize its information architecture on the cloud,” the companies said.

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