Manufacturer Moves from Homegrown to Commercial MES

posted on 12/28/2011 12:52:03 PM

Steel sheet producer Sahaviriya Steel Industries selects MES and supply chain software from Broner Metals Solutions to optimize production and reduce costs.

Many manufacturers that have built their own customized manufacturing execution systems (MES) are replacing unwieldy in-house applications with off-the-shelf software that includes support for IT integration and maintenance. Sahaviriya Steel Industries (SSI), a U.K.-based steel producer, is one such company that has decided to scrap its homegrown solution for an off-the-shelf MES application tailored to its industry.

SSI recently opted to install MES planning and scheduling software from Broner Metals Solutions at its Teesside iron and steel fabrication plant in England.

Broner Metals Solutions, which provides integrated MES, supply chain, and scheduling software for the metals industry, will implement the MES in two phases, the company said.

The first phase will include the installation of several functional elements of the software suite, including: manufacturing order management; production tracking; quality tracking and certification; inventory management and shipping; provisioning of port terminals to register ship loading; and integration of process automation in the plant.

The second phase will involve integration of the MES with SAP ERP, Broner said. It also will include the installation of Broner’s Caster Scheduler and Melt Shop Control Centre Production Scheduling modules.

Broner will design and implement interfaces between the MES and scheduling applications and SSI’s Process Automation systems, relieving SSI of the integration work.

The interfaces will allow SSI to receive production and quality history information from the steel plant as slabs are cast, as well as provide order data containing manufacturing specifications, which SSI anticipates will increase overall productivity and lower operational costs.