Systems Integrator Develops Mobile MES

posted on 10/25/2011 5:01:00 PM

In an effort to help its clients leverage the logging and workflow capabilities of MES across the plant floor, Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS) has developed a mobile app that can interface with existing manufacturing execution systems or work as a standalone “MES Lite.”

Manufacturing systems integrator Enhanced Information Solutions (EIS) has developed its own mobile manufacturing execution system that the vendor says can reach remote areas of the plant floor where running a traditional MES system is not cost-effective.

EIS’ new OpsTrakker application can be used as a standalone “lite” system that runs on an iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows PC, or Windows Mobile platform. Or the modular system can be integrated with existing LIMS, MES, or ERP software acting as a mobile application extension, according to the company.

The current OpsTrakker modules include Electronic Equipment Logbook (eLogBook), which allows operators to track equipment usage while eliminating paper logs; Line Clearance (eLineClear), which records production line activities in real time; and Material Consumption (eBOM), which records material consumption, output activities, and order-status updates. The company used Syclo’s Agentry mobile platform to design the first applications, and according to EIS, more applications are in development.

The idea for OpsTrakker came from EIS’ implementations of MES systems at client sites, and the need to have real-time verification of what is happening everywhere in the production cycle. But rolling out a full-blown MES to all production activities is too costly. That’s when EIS engineers began to think about the benefits of a mobile MES app that could fill in the gaps.

“Over the last year, we have really thought about how to solve the problem,” said Karl Curtis, EIS director of business development, in an interview. “We have expanded the footprint of MES into areas that don’t make sense to have a full MES.”

After a year of research and development, OpsTrakker applications officially launched a few weeks ago. The software is currently being tested in a pilot project at a large biotech firm. Pricing was unavailable.