Cloud-Based CRM Adds Another Customer

posted on 10/12/2011 9:16:56 AM

Pharmaceutical company Stallergenes selects Veeva CRM, a SaaS package, to replace scattered on-premises systems and better orchestrate its global sales force.

Chalk up another win for cloud-based enterprise software. CRM purveyor Veeva announced this week that its SaaS-based customer relationship management software will be implemented by a European pharmaceutical manufacturer looking to streamline its CRM footprint.

Stallergenes, a European biopharmaceutical company that develops asthma-based medicines, chose the Veeva CRM system to support its worldwide sales force. In addition to the move from traditional on-premises systems to a cloud-based package, the selection of Veeva CRM also represents a software consolidation, as it replaces four distinct CRM systems that had served Stallergenes’ sales associates across 14 countries.

With an eye toward simplifying the IT infrastructure for customer management, the pharma company undertook a software selection project that weighed the benefits of numerous CRM systems. Critical criteria, according to Veeva’s press statement, included the ability for Stallergenes to enable improved customer targeting, better understand its customers’ behavior, and coordinate data among the field sales team, the medical affairs personnel, and the company’s marketing teams.

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"We needed a system that could support rapid growth across borders," said Cyril Tavier, vice president of international operations at Stallergenes, in the statement. Veeva’s cloud-based CRM offered "the high level of flexibility and scalability we need to support our expanding operations globally,” he said.

Stallergenes will also roll out an adjunct application, iRep, to its mobile sales force. The iRep app was designed for the Apple iPad tablet and connects the roving workforce to the main CRM system. Veeva specializes in CRM for the pharmaceutical industry, claiming more than 100 customers in that industry.